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College Rules

i. While taking admission into the college, a student along with his/her parents/guardian has to sign an undertaking to the effect that the student will abide by the rules and discipline of the college.

ii. Each student must register in the college office, his permanent as well as his local addresses. The name of the father and the guardian as reflected in the High School Certificate must be mentioned without fail. A student from another state, seeking admission to the college, must produce a domicile certificate from competent authority not below the rank of Tehsildar.

iii. Cycles must be padlocked and put in the cycle stand. They should not be parked on the college verandahs and the corridors.

iv. When a team of students is deputed by the college away from Bahalda for any reason, members of the team and students accompanying the team must obtain leave of absence from the Principal before their departure from Bahalda. Boarders in the team must also obtain permission from respective Superintendents of their hostels.

v. Students are advised to contact the counters for various kinds of official transactions. They should not ordinarily enter the college office.

vi. The students may meet the Principal and other officers working on his behalf with a permission only when they face any problem related to academic or administrative purpose .

vii. The students are advised to pay their college dues and hostel dues regularly as per the notification from time to time to this effect.

viii. The Principal may, however, prohibit all students from attending a political meeting if he apprehends a breach of peace or arousal of communal meetings.[ Article No. 114 of the Odisha Education Code]


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