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Red Cross

A wing of The Youth Red Cross is functioning in the college to inculcate the spirit of Social Service and friendship into the minds of the students. It is a part of the Indian Red Cross Society, Odisha, State Branch Red Cross Bhawan, Bhubaneswar-7 and ipso facto follows its guidelines.
i) Promotion of Health
. ii) Service to sick, disabled and diseased person.
iii) Service to the poor and down trodden to their social upliftment.
iv) Help to the needy people during the natural calamities.
v) Promotion of friendship and social understanding .
vi) Mobilizing the students, Staff and public for voluntary blood donation.
All students are members of the Youth Red Cross as they contribute towards the Red Cross Fund at the time of admission to the college. Those students who are sincerely interested in taking part in the Red Cross activities and have a strong belief in total voluntary and philanthropic service may get their names enrolled as regular volunteers at the beginning of the academic session. The intending students have to apply to the teachers in charge of the YRC, mentioning his/her name, class, Roll No, permanent address and present address. Selection may be made in case the number of applicants exceeds desired in-take strength. The criteria for the selection are entirely left to the Principal & the teacher (s) in charge.
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The Executive Committee of the Youth Red Cross consists of the Principal as the ex-officio Chairman, a few interested members of the teaching staff (one of them acting as the counsellor) and few representatives of Volunteers on the recommendation of the teacher (s) in charge. The Executive Committee will decide on the day to day activities of the organization.

i) All students are eligible to apply for enrolment but their selection is left to the Principal and teachers in charge.
ii) If the volunteers do not show much sincerity in the Red Cross activities, their names will be struck off from the rolls.
iii) The Principal (ex-officio Chairman) and the teachers in charge of Youth Red Cross are also empowered to identify and nominate a few students of the Youth Red Cross activities, if they so feel it.
iv) Discipline is the prime guiding factor of the Youth Red Cross. The Principal and the officer (s) are empowered to take any disciplinary action against the volunteers who are indisciplined.
v) Service of the volunteers are totally selfless with no hope for anything in return. No provision exists to provide refreshment or certificates in exchange for the noble work rendered. Divine pleasure in helping others is the sole gain of the volunteers.
vi) On all matters relating to the Youth Red Cross, the decision of the Principal is final.
Under the auspicious of His Excellency, the Governor of Odisha and North Odisha University, Baripada, a Red Ribbon Club has been formed in the college. It is a tool in the college to play concerted role in combating H.I.V/AIDS/. The multifaceted team of youthful volunteers having access to all latest information on H.I.V/AIDS will have commitment to work for increase of knowledge and change of behaviour through awareness building. The club works in the field of H.I.V/AIDS awareness, starting with peers in the college and gradually spreads the message to the family and community around it.
The students are to contact the Youth Red Cross counsellor of the college, if they so desire, to be genuine members of the RED RIBBON CLUB.


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